Wood Laser Engraving Machine Precautions And Maintenance

- May 26, 2018 -

1. When using, please turn on the cooling water first, adopt the principle of low-increasing-high-increasing, adjust the outlet pipe position, ensure that the cooling water fills the cooling pipe, there is no bubble in the pipe, and then turn on the power.

2. The two supporting points of the laser tube should be at the 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube to ensure that the cooling water flow is in the range of 2L-4L/min; otherwise, the effect is not good, and the mode jump will be caused, resulting in several points of power. Falling; cooling water return port in the tank must be flooded cover, or turn off the cooling water in the laser tube when the power is turned off.

Third, pay attention to the protection of the laser output window, to avoid the smoke generated during the work process (including the debugging process) sputtered to the output window surface, to prevent the outer surface of the output window is contaminated, the power will drop, then you can use absorbent cotton or silk cloth蘸 Absolutely wipe the outer surface of the output window with alcohol;

Fourth, in the debugging process, by adjusting the laser support point or rotation laser position, in order to achieve the best output, and then the laser

5. It is important to pay attention to: Avoid depositing dust near the high-voltage electrode. Keep it dry. The high-voltage end should be as far away from the metal as possible to prevent high voltage ignition and discharge.

6. During the use of the laser, no scale can be formed in the cooling tube to avoid clogging of the cooling water and the heat dissipation effect will be deteriorated. Once found, the cooling tube can be cleaned with 20% dilute hydrochloric acid to remove scale.

7. The laser is a glass product and is fragile. When installing and using, avoid local stress.

8. Rationalize the use of laser tubes to save laser energy. The best operating point for laser tubes is 16 mA.


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