What Is The Function Of Laser Marking Machine?

- May 05, 2017 -

Laser marking machine is a laser beam through a variety of different materials on the surface of the marking, laser marking machine in electronic devices, hardware products and automotive accessories and other fields are widely used, so why laser marking machine so widely used, what role?

The role of laser marking machine:

First, the main typesetting function of software:

Two-dimensional text, can be curved typesetting, can be two-direction optional angle and can set interval padding (mobile phone keypad marking must be two-directional fill), similar to the scanning function of engraving machine. General operating speed, filling and induction need to be accurate collaboration, fast-speed supply of a certain amount of satisfaction.

Barcode, 2d and 2-dimensional semi barcode, can choose to output the content represented by barcode. Supply fill function. Serial number: Including the production time and serial number, need to supply a variety of formats, such as: Laser marking Machine Products Factory Number (April 26, 2013; 2013-10-26). Supply automatically jumps by the initial value and the step value. Sometimes you need to carve the names of people or other text, through the external transfer of the existing sequence of TXT file, automatically output text content individually. Supply fill function.

can receive bitmap and PLT, DXF and other format files.

Click on the screen once to become a microporous, then array. Each point of time can be set up.

Array, replication, the principle of accurate movement, rotation, alignment and other functions.

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