What Are The Worktable Of Woodworking Engraving Machines? How To Choose?

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Common worktable of engraving machine include profile worktable, vacuum worktable, adsorption block worktable. Profile worktable is also called clamping worktable. This kind of worktable is to press the workpiece directly with the pressure plate screw, which is suitable for cutting, hollowed-out and so on. Because the cut through process will leak gas, vacuum adsorption can not absorb, it is not suitable for the use of vacuum adsorption table.Customers can also choose their own models according to the above when buying a carving machine.

vacuum worktable of woodworking engraving machine: The vacuum worktable is to put a density board directly on the countertop after plugging the sealing rubber strip, open the vacuum pump can absorb the workpiece. This kind of countertop saves the fixed time, and is especially suitable for the wood door industry to process in large quantities.Sometimes it is necessary to put a thin Aosson plate first, which is not absolutely airtight. It is formed by the wood fiber plus glue under high pressure. There is a conduit or gap between the wood fiber and wood fiber itself. Therefore, it has certain air permeability.

Put the Aosson plate on the vacuum worktable of the woodworking engraving machine is to avoid the tool hurting the worktable. The pressure on the part of the workpiece against the density plate is much less than that of the other side of the atmosphere, forming the so-called negative pressure. It is like the principle that it's not easy to separate the two pieces of glass together. Once the seal is not strict, then it can not produce negative pressure, that is, the pressure on both sides of the workpiece plate is the same, so it is easy to move.

Vacuum worktable is not suitable for relief, because relief processing time is generally longer.

The vacuum worktable is generally made into a 6 or an 8 partition table. Each control valve controls a small partition.The advantage of this design is that if the fixed workpiece is small, not all control valves need to be opened.

The adsorption block worktable of woodworking engraving machine is designed for irregular plate adsorption. It belongs to the customized engraving machine model.


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