What Are The Reasons For The Mismatch Or The Wrong Size Of The Engraving Machine

- Aug 17, 2017 -

1. When the machine is out of power:

(1) Check whether the start button is connected to the line and whether the button is burned out.

(2) Check AC contactor for short circuit or burn out.

2. During the working process of the machining center, the spindle motor suddenly stops or turns slowly:

(1) The work voltage is unstable or over load, plus a voltage regulator will be OK.

(2) Check whether the middle line is connected and whether the wire head is unsoldered.

3. When the X axis walks, the Z axis does not lift the knife. Press up, but goes down.

(1) Check whether the z-axis motor runs normally, power and driver current size or own malfunction.

(2) Check whether the z-axis motor line is out of contact or disconnected.

4. The spindle motor does not turn or reverse:

(1) Check the settings of the converter parameters.

(2) Whether the signal line of the converter is reversed.

5.Smashing Knife Phenomenon

  1). the low power of Z axis driving motor and the loosing of couplings.

  2). the low current going through Z axis driving motor or the wrong connection of signal lines.

6.the one-way running of axis

    (1). Check whether optical lines work well or not.Examine whether the circuit is well connected or not.

    (2). Check whether the circuit of engines  has pseudo soldering.

7. the failing start of software and misshape of carving stuffs.

    (1). Upgrading the system and software

    (2). Check whether x.y screw balls has loosed or not.

    (3). Somethings wrong with carving spindles.

8.the shutdown of axis when starting the machine.

    (1). Something wrong with driving motors and bad connection of output signals

    (2). poor connection of engines

9.Carving space limit

    (1). Check whether carving path has overpass carving space.

    (2). the carving limit setup in the software.

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