What Are The Main Functions Of The Guide Rail In The Engraving Machine?

- Sep 07, 2017 -

  Guide rail is an important accessory of the engraving machine, which is a device that can withstand, fix, and guide the direction of movement, as well as a device for reducing frictional force. A longitudinal groove or ridge on the surface of a guide is used to guide and fix machine parts. The wear resistance of the rail means that the guide rail can maintain a certain accuracy after long-term use.

1. Good wear resistance. The guide rail will wear out during use, but it should be small and can be automatically compensated or adjusted after wear.

2. The movement is simple and smooth. When at work, it should be simple and efficient, with uniform speed and no crawling at low speed.

3. Certain guiding precision. Guiding precision means that the running parts on the rail should move in straight line. It also refers to the relative accuracy between guiding rails and related interfaces.
4. Good structure design. In addition to the above demands, guiding rail should be designed simply in a way that can be easily manufactured, measured, equipped, adjusted and reduce production cost.
5. Running stably against temperature change. Guiding rail should work stably when the temperature alters.
6. Strong rigidity. Guiding rail bears the external force on the running parts. which means guiding rail should have a strong rigidity. Therefore, the length of guiding rail surface should be stretched in order to reducing the force guiding surface bears. Auxiliary guiding rails should be set to share the external force.


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