Three Measures For Improving Laser Cutting Accuracy

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Three measures for improving laser cutting accuracy

Several important factors affecting the precision of laser cutting:

The size of the spot after the laser beam is focused: The smaller the laser beam concentration is, the higher the laser cutting accuracy is, especially the incision is  smaller, and the minimum spot size is 0.01mm.

Worktable positioning accuracy decides the repeat precision of laser cutting processing. The higher worktable accuracy is, the higher the accuracy of the cutting will be.


The greater the thickness of the workpiece is, the lower the accuracy will be, and the greater the incision will be. Since the laser beam is tapered, the incision is also tapered, and the incision of the 0.3MM material is much smaller than the incision of the 2MM.


The material of the workpiece has a certain influence on laser cutting accuracy. Under the same condition, the cutting precision of different materials are also slightly different, even the material is the same, if the material composition is different, the cutting precision will be different.

Then, how can we achieve high precision in laser cutting?


One is focus position control technology. The smaller the focal depth of the focusing lens is, the smaller the focal spot diameter will be, so it is important to control the relative position of the focal point and the surface of a material to be cut.

Second, the choosing of cutting position. Almost all heat cutting technologies adopts the cutting measure that punching a small hole on the board or cut in line or acre shape along the cutting point. 


Third, the design of laser jet and air current control. When cutting steel, oxygen and focused laser beam are injected to the cutting material through laser jet, during which a bunch of air current is formed. The air current need to be strong and speedy when it cuts into the notch, so that the cutting material can fully release heat with enough oxygen. Meanwhile, that also ensures enough power is formed to blow away the melting material. 


Laser cutting is more better than plasma cutting, because it leave no burr and crumple and has high precision. With the modernization of microcomputer program in the Electromechanical manufacturing industry, laser cutting system is more appropriate to cut workpiece with different sizes and shapes(workpiece drawing can modify). Laser cutting is more proffered than die punching and mould processing. Although laser cutting spends more time than mould pressing, it is not like mould processing that need more time to maintain mould. With lower processing cost, laser cutting will reduce production cost. In all, laser cutting is more economical, which is the reason why it is widely welcomed.

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