The Reasons That Causes The Tool Radial Shaking Of CNC Router

- Oct 26, 2017 -

 Tool radial shaking is the problem that all operators of CNC router will meet. This problem is caused by the wrong operation. Such a problem can be avoided if we pay attention to the following details.


 First, the tool holders should be intact. Any damage on tool holders can lead to the tool radial shaking due to the uneven deformation.


 Second, tool holder should remain clean. Experiments have proved that the possibility of tool radial shaking can decrease by 50% after cleaning the dust on tool holders. Meanwhile,the longevity of tools can be doubled


 Third, the stretched length of tools should shorten as possibly as it can. The longer the stretched part is, the higher possibility the deformation will have, which can result in the scale of tool radial shaking and reduce the longevity of tools. At the same time, the smoothness of processed materials can be affected if the stretched part is too long.


 Fourth, Much attention should be paid to the coordination between tools and tool holders. The diameter of tools should be suitable with tool holders.


 Last but not least, the ratio of radial shake can decline by 20% if clamping force is reasonable. Operators should try to find out the reasonable force from during daily operation.


 In conclusion, tools condition, the coordination of tools and tool holders, the conformity between tool holders and nuts and tool clamping method will be the factors that affects tool radial shaking. 


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