The Preparation Of Laser Engraving Machine Before Processing Articles

- Sep 14, 2017 -

  Many beautiful engraving artworks are made by laser engraving machine. In order to achieve a better engraving result, some preparations are needed before processing articles.

1.When engraving some articles in irregular shapes, these articles seems to be fixed firmly.However,these articles will be moved gradually under the outside force during the engraving period. Therefore, some fractional things need to put under the processed articles in irregular shape. The build-in packages should be preserved as complete as possible to increase the stability of articles. 

2. For some two-dimensional proceed articles, adding some tapes to the back of engraving articles and the same size tape to the working table. Then using double side tape to fix articles on the working table. With the protection of double side tape, it is easy to clean double side tape. Such a way ensure the firmness and avoid inaccurate cutting to edges duo to fixtures. 

3.Because the accessories and auxiliary parts of CNC engraving machine are iron products, so careless operation will damage the workpiece, so you can choose some rubber cap or rubber tube to fix the carved workpiece.

4.Protect engraving workpiece. In the process of engraving, it is easy to misplace the carving workpiece due to different force direction of the main axis, resulting in the engraving error. Therefore, when the pieces are fixed it is important to note that whether the used pliers and fixtures are correct and wear out; Pay attention to the position that needs to be stuck, whether in the carving area; And the degree of loosening of the fixtures will affect the carving effect.

The preparation can not only reduce the chance of breakdown of the engraving machine, but also can effectively improve the carving efficiency and increase the stability of the workpiece.

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