The Main Characteristics Of Laser Machine

- May 05, 2017 -

Configure USB High-adapter motherboard, can realize off-line, energy control, with color separations and gradient carving function, so that carving cutting precision higher, to meet the requirements of packaging printing industry;

Professional development of the control software, with independent knowledge of copyright, can achieve engraving cutting parameters set, with envelope line cutting function, can automatically generate envelope lines, can be arbitrarily set carving area and its parameters, the outer frame cutting;

Main Features:

1, 360 degrees slope carving function, completely solve the printing problem;

2, the processing efficiency is high, is handmade 10 to 15 times times, the precision is high, the cost is low, the printing effect is good;

3, the optimum design of mechanical structure, the smallest overall size, not only saves your precious space, but also the structure is unfavorable deformation cutting precision is high.

4, German technology high breakdown drive, running faster than single-chip confidential 5 times times.

5, Taiwan Imports Square Linear guide, life can reach more than 20 years.

6, the unique exhaust system effectively protects the laser head, making the laser head maintenance more convenient.

7, special metal lenses make the focused laser beam stronger and thinner.

8, the use of patented technology to make the rubber version of the effect of carving better, not easy to burn paste.

9, genuine Python laser engraving software, powerful; engraving cutting can be done simultaneously; Provide free upgrade service

10, the front and rear direction material can be put into the whole board, without cutting.

Applicable industry:

1, printing and Packaging Industry: Rubber Edition Laser engraving cutting, paper products laser engraving cutting.

2, Craft gifts industry: crystal carving, bamboo laser engraving, wood engraving, wood laser engraving, rosewood, double-color plate carving, box-shaped craft laser engraving, checkerboard laser engraving, marble carving.

3, advertising industry: plexiglass laser Engraving (cutting), two-color plate carving, various types of plaque laser production.

4, Leather garment industry: All kinds of leather, clothing, cloth textiles pattern, imitation leather cutting and carving and engraving and cutting.

5, Model Industry: Architectural model DASH, ABS plate cutting, aviation model slice, wood chips cutting and carving.

6, Stone (tombstone) Industry: Marble, granite on the photographs and text carving.

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