The Advantages Of Laser Marking Machine

- May 05, 2017 -

A wide variety of laser marking machines, we often do not know which is more suitable for their own work, the various types of laser marking machine performance is not very well understood, in this case, people tend to choose the imported laser marking machine, always think that the export is good, but in the end is not so? We are now looking at the laser marking machine in the end has what advantages.

1. Strive to optimize the laser beam quality of semiconductor lasers. The beam quality can be optimized in the following ways. The first method is: to tune the laser to the school, such as to try to ensure that the full-and semi-mirror and the two-end of the YAG rod is parallel, completely parallel, so the laser is the most optimized laser. The second is that the semiconductor laser cavity in the whole mirror can also become convex, which is conducive to the optimization of spot. Once again, the total length of the optical cavity is extended, so that the quality of the spot will be better. Finally, we can combine the suitable small Kong Guanglan with the light path to optimize the beam quality.

2, increase the power of semiconductor lasers, such as switching 75W semiconductor module. The increase of laser power can achieve a multiplier effect.

3, the semiconductor laser linear output segment in advance, to achieve this goal can be changed by the output of the mirror, such as 20% or 25% output rate.

4, the replacement of better Q-switch performance, Q-switched on the pulse response speed of the drive has a great relationship, a good quality Q switch can increase the energy of the laser into a thousand times, so that each pulse of the laser has a few coke energy, so that it will be marked with depth.

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