Solutions To Common Breakdowns Of CNC Router With Weihong Control Card And Ball Screw

- Mar 01, 2018 -

 The breakdown of CNC router may be triggered by issues of interior parts and other reasons.

1. Machine Alarming

The alarming shows the machine has reached an extreme working situation. Please check whether it is the following reasons.

1) The outline of drawings has been out of the limit of procession.

2) The connecting wire between motor shaft and ball screw has loosed. Please fasten the screw.

3) The machine and computer has not been grounded in a right way.

4) The coordinate values has passed the limiting range of software.

2. Breakdown of One Axis

To check whether the motor driver of this axis has damaged.

Connect this axis with the drivers on other axis, if it restarts working, the driver driving this axis may break down and replace the damaged driver. If it still can not work, the cable or engine may need to be replaced.

3. Breakdown of Three Axis

To check whether the plugs with the three axis have been connected properly with control box and whether the supplier of control box has turned on. To check whether the USB cable has well connected with the control case and the control card of computer.  


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