Small Laser Cutting Machine Parts Maintenance

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Once the optical components are contaminated or even adhere to the cutting products of small particles, very affect the cutting machine accuracy and effectiveness of its clean-up is a very important and often overlooked the problem, the following lists some cleaning points:

(1) lens cleaning: rub the lens paper into a few fold, with a few drops of pure acetone wet; wet paper with a soaked paper gently wipe the lens surface, pay attention to the lens can not use your fingers; repeated several times until the lens The surface clean, no dirt and residual traces to stay in the mirror; dry with dry air; if necessary, with a few drops of acetone wet paper shot into a lever, gently scrub the lens surface to remove heavy dirt.


(2) mirror lens cleaning: remove the lens from the frame; mirror up, put the lens paper on the mirror; in the lens paper drops of acetone, and gently pull the lens paper pulled the mirror; repeated the above process, Until the mirror clean, no pollution and residual to stay in the mirror; then the lens into the mirror seat.

It should be noted that acetone is easy to absorb moisture and moisture from the air to pollute the acetone itself, so to tighten the acetone bottle, do not wash the remaining acetone solution back to the new acetone bottle.

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