Small Laser Cutting Machine Market Demand

- Jul 19, 2017 -

China's laser industry development, although it is a preliminary development, but under the leadership of international science and technology has completed a leap in the development, and than the same quality has a high stage of the prominent. In terms of laser cutting machine, the market demand of up to 10 million for the vast market to add a new life. Since the birth of the first laser equipment in the 1960s and the beginning of the application, there are a number of experts in the laser industry has made efforts, and reached a small international difference. In the development of the laser industry at the same time, laser complete sets of industrial equipment has also entered the production market, out of the long-term dependence on foreign situation, to solve the domestic laser industry embarrassing situation.


The rapid development of the domestic economy has become a high-tech pillar of the laser market, and can reach more than 20% per year growth rate, as the global laser market a new starting point, according to experts predict that the domestic laser market is still in high growth stage, The future can be doubled in the increase, to the largest expansion of laser cutting equipment market, to fill the gaps, the domestic high-end laser equipment out of the state of distress, become the top pillars of the international. At present, the domestic laser industry mainly in Shenzhen, Wuhan, the two gathered, of which Shenzhen is an important domestic sales market, and to many years of development experience, leading the other regions.

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