Small Laser Cutting Machine Features

- Nov 11, 2017 -

1, cutting high precision. Small laser cutting machine focus spot fine, cutting accuracy can reach 0.1mm, smooth and smooth cut surface, burr-free surface without dross.

2, cutting speed. Small laser cutting machine cutting speed, up to 2.5m / min, is more than 100 times the wire cutting.

3, equipment prices low. The price of similar performance CO2 laser cutting machine 1/3, and the same effect of CNC punch 2/5.

4, the use of low cost. Small laser cutting machine costs 25 yuan per hour, the cost of traditional CO2 laser cutting machine is 150-180 yuan.

5, low maintenance costs. Small laser cutting machine work without working gas, normal work only need to replace the daily lens and optical path adjustment, easy maintenance, low cost.

6, product diversification. Small laser cutting machine controlled by the computer operation, cutting any complex graphics, to ensure production flexibility and product diversification. Meet the needs of different customers orders.


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