Small CNC Milling Machine Product Features

- Sep 15, 2017 -

1. The overall casting base, unlike welding and screw-fixing base, enhances the overall rigidity.

2. The overall casting with A-shaped design, large span rail spacing, to ensure the smooth operation of the nose and table.

3. Taiwan's silver on the use of precision linear guide and P3 precision grinding ball screw 2505 type. To ensure the overall accuracy of machine tool processing

4. Optional high-precision full-servo motor and drive system to ensure efficient operation of equipment.

5. The machine adopts mature and stable industrial numerical control system ES-1000M-V. 6. Pneumatic tool change BT30 spindle; with the servo spindle motor, to ensure high efficiency of product processing.

7. Configuration of the fourth axis, the use of seamless gearless gearbox to ensure the classification of ultra-high precision.

8. Quick and easy configuration of pneumatic clamping structure to ensure that products quickly clamp, reduce the waiting time.

9. Beautiful appearance generous, easy loading and unloading, chip removal is simple, easy maintenance.

10. Automatic lubrication system, cooling system and lighting system.

11. is the drilling, tapping, milling tool; is a small complex metal parts processing the best choice


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