Realizing Flexible Circuit Board Manufacturing Process By Ultraviolet Laser Machine

- May 05, 2017 -

Flexible PCB has the advantages of high flexibility, space saving, weight reduction and so on, all of its demand is increasing yearly. High-density flexible PCB applications in integrated circuits, telecommunications, medical equipment, computer and other fields. Under the UV laser machine to realize the flexible circuit board manufacturing process of laser in the flexible PCB manufacturing process of three main functions.

1, processing molding (cutting and excision)

High precision laser machining, wide use, is the ideal tool for flexible circuit board molding processing. By installing the reflector on the detector, it will shoot the focused laser beam to any place on the surface of the workpiece, then use the vector scanning technique to carry out the computer Numerical control (CNC), and make the cutting graph by using CAD/CAM software. The laser processing can reproduce the design graph accurately by adjusting the light scale and various cutting tools.

2, Slice

Slicing is the process of removing another layer of material from a layer of material with a laser. The laser application of this process is no longer suitable, and can be used with the same vector scanning technology to remove the dielectric, exposing the following conductive solder plate. CO2 lasers are usually used here, without fir laser rays because they are reflected by copper foil.

3, Drilling

Laser drilling is the most widely used in a flexible circuit board micro-hole forming method, the main reason is because of its high production rate, strong flexibility and long uptime.

Mechanical drilling and stamping with high-precision drill bits and molds, although the flexible circuit board can make a diameter of nearly 250 μm holes, but these devices are very expensive and shorter life, so mechanical drilling is not optimistic.

By contrast, laser fabrication of micro-holes is a simple, low-cost process. In addition, modern sealed CO2 and UV-DPSS lasers are maintenance-free and can minimize downtime and dramatically increase productivity.

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