Main Classification Of Laser Machine

- May 05, 2017 -

Laser machine is laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine and laser marking machine collectively. The laser machine uses its high temperature working principle to be machined to the surface of the material, and according to the input to the machine inside the graph, draws the customer request pattern, the text and so on.

One laser engraving machine can be subdivided into, non-metallic laser engraving machine, such as wooden crafts carving machine, stone engraving machine.

Metal laser engraving machine, such as carbon dioxide laser engraving machine.


Laser machine According to the use can be divided into laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine.

Laser cutting machine is divided into: metal cutting machine and non-metallic cutting machine.

Laser engraving machine is divided into: Metal engraving machine and non-metallic engraving machine.

The names of different machines used in the industry have also changed, such as paper-cutting machines, shadow-puppet machines, knife-template machines and so on.

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