Laser Marking Machine Use Normal Order

- May 05, 2017 -

Check the waterway, the circuit is correct, rear-powered. The boot sequence is:

① connect the incoming power supply, turn on the key switch. At this time the machine ventilation and refrigeration system power, ammeter display value of 7A or so;

② wait 5-10 seconds, press the outside Control Panel trigger button, Ammeter display value is zero, 3-5 seconds after the Krypton lamp lit, ammeter display value 7 A. (Reference to Laser power operation manual);

③ power on the galvanometer;

④ Open the computer, call up the required marking documents;

Adjust the laser power to the working current (10~18A), can start marking;

After marking the end, reverse the power of each component in the above order:

① the laser power supply operating current to the smallest (7A or so);

② shut down the computer;

③ Power off Galvanometer;

④ Press stop button;

⑤ closing key switch;

Disconnect the incoming power source.

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