Laser Cutting Machine Routine Maintenance And Precautions

- Jul 29, 2017 -

  1. Laser and laser cutting machine to keep the appearance of clean, regular cleaning. 2. Check whether the machine x, y, z axis can return to the origin, if there is a problem, whether the origin switch collision block position offset. 3. Laser cutting machine chip removal towline cleaning. 4. Clean up the waste truck waste. 5. Timely clean up the debris on the outlet filter to ensure smooth ventilation duct. 6. Laser cutting cut mouth every 30 minutes or so to clean once, the top of the metal slag to remove. 7. Cut the cutting tip to check the replacement. 8. Cut the head every day or replace the nozzle, the ceramic body calibration process calibration time, the process is as follows: a) the cutting head to the cutting plate from the metal plate surface 10mm position. B) Adjust the capacitive sensor position adjustment pot to 10 or so. C) Press the "Servo Reset" button on the operation panel. D) Adjust the capacitive sensor position to its original position. E) Move the cutting head to its original position. 9. Clean the focus lens. And check for damage. 10. Check the cooling water temperature, the laser inlet 19 ℃ ≤ temperature ≤ 22 ℃. Temperature changes around 21 ° C. Intake pressure between 4 ~ 5bar.


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