How To Evaluate The Cutting Effect Of Laser Machine

- Jan 18, 2018 -

1.Roughness. There are vertical lines on the cutting surface. The roughness of surface depend on the depth of lines. The more shallow lines are, the more smooth the surface is. The roughness affects not only the appearance of cutting edges, but also the  friction of surface. In most of occasions, it is necessary to reduce the roughness.The shallow lines are, the higher quality it has.

2.Verticality.The verticality of cutting edges are quite important. Away from the focal point, laser light will become emanant. According to the location of focal point, the cutting edges on the top or bottom of materials will get wider. The more vertical the cut edges are, the better the cutting quality it has.

3.Cutting width. The cutting width usually do not has much influence on the cutting become a critical factor when it cut the precise outline,because the cutting width will affect the size of  processed materials. The deeper the processed materials is, the wider the cutting width is.

4.Furs. Furs are another important factor that determines the cutting quality. The removal of furs cost lots of time. So the quality of furs is an intuitional factor that decides the cutting quality.

5.Heat-effected Areas. When the machine cut, the nearest areas will be heated,which causes the changes of size and edges

6. Deformation. The processed materials will be out of shape when it is heated intensively. The deformation can be avoided when the setting of laser power and cutting speed is appropriate.


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