How To Deal With The Dislocation Of Engraving Machine?

- Aug 24, 2017 -


    There is a variety of dislocation problems in the engraving progress of the engraving machine, such as left and right dislocation, up and down dislocation, X axis dislocation, Z axis dislocation, etc., what is the cause of the dislocation problem?

1. Check whether the path to engraving software is correct or not.


2. Check return clearance of the screw rod and whether the fastening screw is loose.


3. Check if the software parameter is set properly or not.


4. Check if the ground line is connected.


5. Does the computer have a virus or is not compatible with it?


6. Whether the coupling on top of the water cooled spindle motor is loose or damaged?


7. Is there a bad contact of the line connecting chain from the crossbeam to machine control box?


8. Problem of drives: The layout of the drive itself or the problem of the electronic raw material will also form a dislocation, which is the most common cause; If not often, and the speed drops a little, sometimes  can engrave normally, this indicates that the drive has not been completely broken; If at first the engraving was dislocated, this indicates that the drive is completely broken. Treatment: repair or replace drives.


9. Voltage problems: laser engraving machine need high power when it works. The low voltage can not provide enough electric power for driving engines, which can lead to dislocation. Such a dislocation always happens to Y axis, which is affected by the low outside power and caused by large power of equipment in use such as welding devices at the same electric line. Resolution: Using stable large power source, but the capacity of power source can not be over 5% and 3% is the best condition.


10.issues of interface board, main board and pinboard. If one of these parts broken, three axis of working laser engraver can not move, which causes dislocation.

Axis engine problems: If stepping motors or servo motors have broken, the whole machine can not move in all directions and guide screws don’t move even using your hands.


11.issues of the machine body. One loosen part of the machine body and surface impurity can cause the dislocation. Broken couplings, unclear guide rails and lead screws and damaged machine lines can lead to dislocation. The control lines don’t connect well. Resolution: dismantle all lines and reconnect them.



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