How To Clean And Maintain Laser Engraving Machine Daily

- Oct 19, 2017 -

  In our daily use of laser engraving machine, if not pay attention to the basic maintenance, it will reduce the service life. At the same time, it will cause all kinds of glitches because of not paying attention to cleaning. Here is some simple processing methods:

1. First, check and clean the light path to ensure that the light path is correct and produce high quality light beam. The light path or the focal length is incorrect, resulting in the scattering beam, causing the bottom uneven.

2. Reduce processing speed, increase the frequency of laser output switch, make it match. If the processing speed is too fast, the response speed of the laser tube will not keep pace with the processing speed. The frequency of laser control switch is too low, the laser line segment is too long, not point light, produce trailing.

3. Adjust the amount of gas blowing, If the blowing flow is not right, it will cause the adhesion of the processing powder and form the phenomenon of transverse protrusion.

4. Select short focal length lens, focal length adjustment should consider the depth of the processing.

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