How Does Laser Cutting Machine Deal With Burr Problem?

- Aug 10, 2017 -

    When some customers use laser cutting machines to process sheet metal, the cutting work is very unsatisfactory, and the burr is very much. Then many customers began to doubt the quality of laser cutting machine, but in fact it is not. In the cutting process of metal laser cutting machine, some pieces of material will produce burr because of improper operation and technical problems. Burrs are only produced in metal cutting, not in nonmetal cutting. How does burr come from? In fact, the burr is the excess residual particles of metal materials. If a piece of material has burrs, then the material can be identified as defective, and the more burrs, the lower the quality. What are the causes of burrs in process sheet metal of laser cutting machines? Then our Zing’s senior engineers will give you a brief analysis.


Combined with the working principle of metal laser cutting machine, the causes and solutions of burr are obtained by analysis.

 1. The location deviation of laser focal lens. Solution: Adjusting the location of focal lens based on the deviation.

2. Low output power. Solution: Check whether the machine works well or not. If the machine has problems, repair the machine immediately. Otherwise, inspect whether the output number is right or not.

3. Low linear cutting speed. Solution: adjusting and improve linear cutting speed.

4. Low purity of auxiliary gas. Solution: Upgrade the purity of auxiliary gas.

5. The dislocation of laser beam focus point. Solution: debugging the focus point of laser beam.

6. The overlong running time. Solution: turn the machine off for a rest and then turn it on.


Metal laser cutting machine is a precise tool. Its operation is also an exacting work. A wrong date can lead the breakdown of the machine. Therefor, operators should be rigorous and avoid any fault. 


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