Engraving Speed And Engraving Power

- Jun 16, 2017 -

Engraving Speed refers to the moving pace of laser heads and was usually measured in millimeters per second. Fast engraving speed means high production efficiency. The cutting depth is also affected by engraving speed. Under the same engraving power, the lower engraving speed is, the deeper cutting depth is. Engraving speed can be adjusted through the engraving control panel or the printing driving system. The adjustment can rang from 1% to 100% and the adjusting rate is 1%. The advanced motor system of Zing laser engraving machine ensures the fast engraving speed and the accurate cutting. Engraving power means the intensity laser has cast on the processing materials. As the engraving speed is fixed, the higher engraving speed is, the deeper cutting or engraving depth is. The engraving depth can also be changed through the engraving panel. 

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