Designing Demands For The Guiding Rail Of Laser Machine

- Jan 05, 2018 -

The guiding rail design of laser machine should adhere to the following principles


1. High guiding accuracy. Guiding accuracy refers to the moving parts on guiding rails should run in straight line and keep precise in location with relative interfaces.


2. Smooth and steady motion. The guide rail should move flexibly and maintain a stable speed.Crawling should be forbid in the condition of low speed.

3. Good wear resistance. It means the guild rail can still move accurately after using a long period. The abrasion of guide rails should keep in minimum level and it can be repaired and adjusted.

4. High stiffness. The interface of guiding rails bears the external force on moving parts. So guide rails should have good stiffness.


5. Low sensitivity to temperature. The guide rail should work normally even when the temperature changes in certain range.


6. Reasonable structure. With necessary requirements, the guide rail should be simple in structure to make productions, measure, installation and adjustment easy and lower production cost. 


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