Daily Clearance And Maintenance Of Laser Engraving Machine

- Feb 01, 2018 -

     Without daily clearance and maintenance, the service time of laser machine will be shortened and the machine can also easily broken down because of that. Some tips will be introduced to avoid such a problem.

1. Checking and clearing light path to guarantee the light on the right track and release high powerful light beam. If the light isn’t in the right path, laser light beam won’t be concentrated and cause the uneven surface.

2. The processing speed should match with the output power of laser tube. If the speed is too fast, the output power speed can’t catch the processing speed. If the output power is too small, the light beam will be stretched out and can concentrate on one point.

3. Adjusting the air volume. If the air volume isn’t appropriate, the powder will attach on the processing materials that affects the cutting engraving result.

4. Using small focal lens. The adjustment of focal length should consider the processing depth. 

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