Classification And Introduction Of Laser Engraving Machine

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Laser engraving machine can be divided into: carbon dioxide (CO2) type, galvanometer (GALVANOMETER) type and YAG type.

According to the size, power and speed to point, laser engraving machine can be divided into many types, but for the gift industry, only carbon dioxide (CO2) and YAG type. The main difference between carbon dioxide (CO2) type and YAG laser engraving machine is different in the material used to generate the laser. Carbon dioxide (CO2) type is generated by stimulating the mixture of cationic and dioleic acid molecules to produce lasers, while the YAG type is generated by stimulating yttrium aluminum garnet crystals or crystal rods to produce lasers. Different light sources emit different wavelengths of laser light, so each engraving machine is suitable for carving different materials.

Flying-type, also known as flat-panel laser engraving machine, the most common in the gift industry is the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) laser tube flat laser engraving machine. Flat-mounted laser engraving machine also uses YAG laser tube, but rarely. For flatbed laser engraving machines, the laser beam is moved on the plate by a trolley that moves back and forth.

There is also an engraving machine that uses a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser tube, which is also known as a galvanometer, which controls the movement of the beam on the work surface by means of a fast-rotating mirror. This allows the beam to run at high speed because it does not have to move the entire car.


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