Application Of Laser Machine In Cinema

- May 05, 2017 -

Laser machine is laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine and laser marking machine collectively. The laser machine uses its high temperature operating principle to be machined material appearance, together according to the input into the machine inside the graph, draws the customer request drawing, the text and so on. Next, let's look at the application of the laser machine in the cinema.

Usually we go into the cinema to see the film, will find the eyes are more tired, especially wearing glasses to watch 3d after the feeling is particularly remarkable.

Chasing its factors, we are not difficult to find, now the shadow machine is using xenon lamp as the light source, hit the silver surface again reflected to the human retina imaging. Because of the death of Xenon lamp, the life span of xenon lamp usually does not exceed 2000 hours, the brightness will decay 40% at the mercy of 1000 hours after the show. Usually the brightness of the new xenon lamp is 6000 lumens, average in 4000 lumens, and then with 3d glasses, due to the brightness of the gray film to the attenuation of the pupil, so that the active enlargement of the eye, it is not difficult to see, 2 hours down the eyes of people in this situation, will feel the eye fatigue.

Laser projectors can just fill the xenon lamp. Its luminous body is produced by a tri-color laser generator, because it is a cold light source luminous, so its life span is 30,000 hours, and the attenuation degree is only 20%, brightness is 5 times times the Xenon lamp. In 3d, the function is especially remarkable.

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