Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine Features

- Mar 10, 2018 -

1, the control system uses the most sophisticated DSP controller, mechanical system performance and stability.

2. CO2 lasers with different powers can be standard-fitted according to different needs, and the cost performance ratio is excellent.

3, the use of three-way reflection system and linear guide structure, the smooth operation of the light knife, carving / cutting precision.

4, the use of microcomputer-controlled laser machine operation, processing format, speed, process is simple and easy to operate.

5, use two sets of higher power laser generation system, according to the graphics designed in the computer, not only at the same time the light on the shoe material fabric batch processing, but also can be a single full-face cutting and drilling.

6, the use of double-headed shift electronically controlled mobile structure, can easily according to the cutting fabric of the fabric, free to set the distance between the two laser heads, greatly saving the fabric.

7. The special processing format for shoes and fabrics and the crawler-type work platform also reflect the professionalism of this model in the processing of shoe materials.


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