The solution of jitter phenomena in the NC cutter operation

- May 05, 2017 -

Recently found that many manufacturers of CNC cutting machine produced a lot of problems, the main problem is not the technology immature, but in the assembly rack and installation process is not debugging good, resulting in CNC cutting machine equipment in the process of running a serious jitter a card, the face of this question Wuhan Hua Yucheng CNC based on years of production experience, make the following conclusions:

The problem of creeping and vibration of NC cutter is the problem of speed, so starting with the speed loop, the whole adjusting process of the cutter speed is accomplished by the speed regulator. The time constant of the speed regulator, which is the time constant of the speed regulator, is measured in milliseconds, so the servo motion of the whole NC cutter is a transitional and adjusting process.

CNC Cutting machine occurrence of choking phenomenon is that the motor is in low speed, once the speed of the earthquake rise, then the current can have a flow of alarm. The cause of this alarm is the NC cutter worktable in order to quickly follow the change of the feedback signal, there must be a large acceleration, this acceleration is given by the motor torque. Torque is the current signal. Large torque, which is caused by a large current signal, in the current ring there is a drastic change of current, resulting in the phenomenon of overcurrent. In the vibration of the alarm, but in the vibration increase, there is an over-current alarm.

So, the position of the NC cutter should be started from the position loop, and the speed problem should be considered from the speed loop. The so-called position ring is to study the dimension problem of the machining parts, and the accuracy of the dimension of the parts should be researched. Of course, the repetition accuracy of part size is also related to the Datum point, and we should discuss the datum point return problem later. The problem of speed is to study the speed ring and the part of the speed loop. Dimension problems and position problems should be considered by the position ring or the part associated with the position ring.

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