The maintenance of CNC plasma cutting machine

- May 05, 2017 -

The use of plasma cutter is very extensive, but in the process of use often there are some problems. Therefore, the routine maintenance and maintenance of plasma cutter is very important. Here let us to understand, plasma power cutting torch is how to maintain.

1, correctly assemble the cutting torch

Properly and carefully install the cutting torch to ensure that all parts are well matched to ensure gas and cooling gas flow. Install all parts on a clean flannel and avoid dirt sticking to the part.

2, the consumable parts should be replaced promptly before complete damage

Do not use the consumable parts after the replacement, because the severely worn electrode, nozzle and eddy current ring will produce uncontrollable plasma arc, very easy to cause serious damage to the torch. So when the first time to find the quality of cutting down, should be timely inspection of consumption parts.

3, cleaning cutting torch connection thread

In the replacement of the consumable or routine maintenance inspection, must ensure that the cutting torch inside and outside the thread clean, if necessary, should wash or repair the connection thread.

4. Cleaning electrodes and nozzle contact surfaces

In many cutting torch, nozzle and electrode contact surface is electrically charged contact surface, if these contact surfaces have dirty, cutting torch does not work properly.

5, daily check gas and cooling gas

Check the flow and pressure of gas and cooling airflow every day, and if the flow is not sufficient or leakage, the breakdown of the queuing should be immediately stopped.

6. Avoiding Collision damage of torch

In order to avoid the torch collision damage, should be correctly programmed to avoid the system exceeding limit walking, installation of anti-collision device can effectively avoid collision when cutting torch damage.

7, the most common cause of cutting torch damage

A, cut torch collision.

B. The destructive plasma arc caused by the damage of the consumable parts.

C, the damaging plasma arc caused by dirt.

D, loose parts caused by the destructive plasma arc.

8. Matters needing attention

A, do not paint grease on the torch.

b, do not overuse the lubricant of O-ring.

C, in the protection sleeve still stay on the cutting torch do not spray splash chemical agent.

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