Selection of CNC plasma cutting machine

- May 05, 2017 -

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine has a simple operation, high precision, high efficiency, low labor intensity of many advantages, in a number of types of processing parts are widely used. CNC Plasma cutting machine is often used in many industries, such as: chemical machinery, automotive industry, general engineering machinery and so on.

CNC Plasma Cutting machine is a new CNC equipment, customers in the purchase is not yet mature concept, so many customers in the purchase of CNC plasma cutting machine, but found that the type of cutting machine is not suitable for their own enterprise production needs, forming a great waste. Therefore purchasing CNC plasma cutting machine need to pay attention to the following points:

(1) In selecting cutting materials should be noted:

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine material range is very wide, almost can cut all metal materials. In particular, the problem of oxygen cutting can not cut stainless steel and colored materials effectively solved, however, when cutting the thickness of carbon or low alloy steel, whether the vertical degree of cutting, the width of the slit and the use of the economy is less than the oxygen cutting, so do not recommend cutting only more than 100mm carbon or low alloy steel when the selection of plasma cutting equipment

(2) According to the commonly used cutting material thickness selection plasma cutting machine:

It is not recommended to select the maximum cutting thickness indicated in a model of the manufacturer's product. General manufacturers in the product introduction to the maximum thickness of the cutting refers to the machine in the standard voltage input in the case of the limit cutting thickness, so the selection will bring the results of the use of unsatisfactory, not economical. The correct selection should be larger than the largest cutting thickness of a model; If customers need to bulk cutting the thickness of 32mm stainless steel, do not choose the maximum cutting thickness of the 32mm type machine and should choose the maximum cutting thickness of 40mm models, so as to achieve the ideal cutting and economic effect. CNC cutting in order to maximize the cutting quality and efficiency, and even the more to choose a larger model to meet the needs.

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