Metal laser cutting machine features

- May 12, 2018 -

1. High cutting accuracy, good stability, stable dynamic performance, and sustainable long working hours.

2. The cutting section is of good quality:

With the mechanical follow-up cutting head system, the cutting head follows the height of the plate, the position of the cutting point is always kept constant, and the cutting seam is smooth and smooth. The section needs no post-order processing and is suitable for cutting plane or curved plates.

Cutting width, adapt to cutting materials, widely used.

3. High cost performance:

For the thin plate cutting can replace CO2 laser cutting machine, CNC punch press and shears, etc., The machine cost is equivalent to 1/4 of the CO2 laser cutting machine, 1/2 of the CNC punch.

4. Low cost of use:

The YAG solid-state laser is used. The main consumables used are electrical energy, cooling water, auxiliary gas and laser light.

5. Core Technology:

(1) The optical path system of the laser is stable. After a thousand vibration experiments, the optical system of the laser is stable;

(2) mechanical servo cutting head, pure mechanical transmission, stable anti-jamming.

Stainless Steel and Metal Laser Cutting Machine Z1325 Z1525 Metal Laser Cutter

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