Introduction of diagonal adjusting method and precision test of NC Cutter

- May 05, 2017 -

Many customers in the purchase of CNC cutting machine, always care to ask the CNC cutting machine precision how? This paper focuses on the NC cutting machine walking precision and cutting diagonal adjustment method. First choice we introduce the NC Cutter precision test method, the precision of cutting machine can be guaranteed to do 0.01mm/step before the factory, accuracy error in ± 0.5mm or so, this error has been higher than the cutting machine's own error several times, but this error is not the device XC3BL itself formed, but the cutting process of the thickness of steel plate, process, cutting mouth, fire and other processes formed.

Equipment at the end of the device, will be in the NC cutter cut the mouth of an underscore installation, crossed the line to install a simulated cutting graphics, imitation of a 1m square. Built-in a diameter of a 1m circle, Four corners respectively rowed diagonally, after the stroke, measuring the circle with the measured tool is not the square of the four edges tangent. Whether the square diagonal length can be √ 2 (open square root data is about: 1.41m), the circular axis should divide the square edges, and the central axis and square two edges intersection points to the square on both sides should be 0.5m. Test the spacing between the diagonal and the intersection, can distinguish the equipment cutting precision.

Many customers in the purchase of CNC cutting machine, in use, do not know how to adjust the NC Cutter diagonal adjustment method. Today, Wuhan Hua Yucheng CNC to give our customers a detailed introduction of the NC Cutter cutting Diagonal adjustment method.

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