How to Prevent the Cut MDF from Smoking

- Sep 28, 2017 -

    CNC carving machines belong to high-speed processing equipment. The wrong operation can easily result in the burning edge,for example, the misconduct can make the cut MDF smoke; Cutting such MDF need to choose the suitable cutting tool and the spindle should rotate in a appropriate range.

1. The feeding speed and the rotating speed of spindle is not certain. The bigger the tool parameter is, the lower speed the rotating spindle should keep. The faster the feeding speed is,the higher speed the spindle should stay. The deeper the cutting is, the slower speed the spindle should have. The cutting tool can be damaged When the rotating speed is higher and the feeding speed is lower.

2. The pressured air can be used to cool down the cutting tool and blow off sawdust.

3. To prevent the cut MDF from smoking, the first thing to do is get rid of the sawdust in time. When designing the engraving path, designers should stratify the carving paths in accordance with the cutting direction and depth, which is favorable for the cleaning of sawdust. 

4. When using multi-blade spiral cutting tool,too many blade is not favorable for the sawdust cleaning, but too few blades are not durable in use. So using four blades is the appropriate choice. It is better to use Tungsten steel knife that is wearable and has good conductivity. 

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