Definition of Laser Engraving and Craving

- Jun 02, 2017 -

Definition of Laser Engraving and Craving

Laser engraving is a kind of numerical technology that take laser as its processing tool. Raw materials will gasify and melt when they expose to Laser. Such a physical change ensures the processing purpose realize. Laser carving  is a processing craft which utilizes laser technology to crave characters on the surface of articles. No nick can be found on these craved characters if you use such a laser technology. The surface of processing articles will still keep smooth and craved characters will never be abraded .

Features of Laser processing: There is no direct physical touch during the processing, so the craving will not be influenced by mechanical motions. The processing surface will not be out of shape and don’t need to fix. Elasticity and flexibility of materials are no longer the influenced factors for the processing and it is more easy to process soft materials. With high precision and fast speed, laser engraving technology can be applied widely in more fields

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