Working Principles Of Computerized Engraver

- Jun 02, 2017 -


 Working Principles Of Computerized Engraver

   A computerized engraver is composed of three parts: computer, engraver control system and engraver host.

   Working principles of Laser Cutting Machine: a specialized engraving software(RDworks V8, compatible with Coreldraw&AutoCAD) set in computers conducts graphic design and outline. Relevant data concerning graphic design and outline then will be transmitted to the control system of engravers. These data then will be transformed into processing signals that will drive the stepping motor and servo motor and control the moving paths of cutters along the direction of X axis, Y axis and Z axis. Meanwhile, the high speed rotary carving head will engrave and cut relevant materials on the processing table after being equipped with specific cutter based on different processed materials. In such a way, flat and three dimensional patterns in the computer can be processed out. That is also the way how computerized engravers work automatically. 

 Want to see ZING laser cutting machine working? 

laser_cutting_machine acrylic_laser_cutting_machine


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