CNC Plasma Cutting machine has simple operation

- May 05, 2017 -

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine has a simple operation, high precision, high efficiency, low labor intensity of many advantages, in a number of types of processing parts are widely used. CNC Plasma cutting machine is often used in many industries, such as: chemical machinery, automotive industry, general engineering machinery and so on.

For those using the traditional way of cutting materials, can be done by CNC plasma cutting machine. In addition, in cutting speed, cutting the small thickness of ordinary carbon steel sheet, CNC plasma cutting speed faster than the traditional oxygen cutting speed several times, at the same time, the cutting surface to keep clean, thermal deformation is better. The quality of CNC plasma cutting machine has a very important influence on product quality, and it is of great value to optimize the cutting paths scientifically and rationally.

Analysis of the causes of thermal deformation of cutting parts in the process of conducting plasma cutting machine operation, the probability of thermal deformation is small, however, in the metal plate rolling and cooling is difficult to avoid residual internal stresses. This is because, in the process of cutting, due to the local high temperature heat source factors, metal plates will be in the direction of the cutting edge, the expansion of the metal plates around the motherboard will be limited, resulting in metal plates at the edges of the incision in the position of greater stress.

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