Analysis on the problem of cutting po kou in CNC plasma cutting machine

- May 05, 2017 -

CNC Plasma cutting machine equipped with power supply can be selected according to customer requirements, customer requirements of the cutting quality effect is relatively high, for cutting po mouth Smaller, we recommend that it chooses to import plasma power, such as: Hoi Hai, Pegasus Principal. Some customers to cut PO mouth requirements are not high, we recommend the choice of domestic power supply, domestic power supply also has a good effect, and plasma power in the domestic development in recent years by leaps and bounds, technology is maturing. In addition, domestic plasma power prices are relatively easy to accept, cost-effective very high.

CNC plasma cutting machine such as plasma cutting the mouth is the disadvantage of the PO, domestic gradient in 8 degrees or so, imports of about 4 degrees, at present this is not found at home and abroad a good solution. We only try to think about how to correct the operation of the CNC plasma cutting machine, such as plasma cutting po mouth effect to achieve the best, the following specific methods:

1, plasma cutting mouth, such as consumable parts of the life of domestic and imported, its normal service life is not the same. Some customers want to save vulnerable parts more than their lifetime limit to use it, the cutting groove will appear larger, and excessive use of the cutting mouth to cut gun life has a great impact, we recommend that customers must promptly replace the plasma cutting mouth and other consumables, so that the quality of the product and the normal use of cutting machine.

2, PO mouth and arc pressure is high. If the steel plate fluctuation, or the cutting process of deformation, the cutting gun will change with the arc pressure automatically adjust itself to the distance of the steel plate, which has a great impact on cutting groove.

3, cutting mouth and metal material distance also decides PO mouth size (the general 2-5mm of imports is better). Here the operator's experience is particularly important, a good operation workers will be judged by the thickness of the steel plate to cut the mouth to the surface of the best height, not only to ensure that the quality of the product will not affect the cutting efficiency.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine arc cutting width of incision than oxygen-acetylene cutting width 1.5~2 times, with the thickness of the plate increase, the width of the incision also increased. Stainless steel or aluminium with thick plates below 25mm can use small current plasma arc cutting, the incision straightness is very high, especially the cutting thickness of the 8mm below the plates, can cut out the small corners, even without processing can be directly welded, this is a large current plasma arc cutting difficult to get. This provides convenience for the blanking and cutting of irregular holes in thin-plate curves.

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